Read The Story In Order

New to the story, want to catch up, or lost your place?

Here’s The Good Wife: Escaping the Shadows of Expectations in order (with new ones being added every day):

  1.  I Was The Good Wife
  2. The Wedding Premonition
  3. I Can Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
  4. I Thought We Were Happy
  5. Expectations of a Preacher’s Kid
  6. The Up’s and Down’s of Being a Preacher’s Kid
  7. Preacher’s Kids Have Issues
  8. Hope and Betrayal: We Left the Church
  9. Our Dream of Having Children
  10. The M.R.S. Degree
  11. Why Do I Desire to be a Mom?
  12. Wicked “Aunt Flo” Comes to Visit
  13. Maybe This is How it is Between Husband and Wife
  14. My Unborn Dream
  15. A Bump in the Road
  16. Healing After Miscarriage
  17. Miscarriage and Macaroni and Cheese
  18. The Beginning of a Friendship
  19. Slat by Slat, Nail by Nail, The White Picket Fence Was Coming Down
  20. Do You Believe in Soul Mates?

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